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Technology (KS3)

Technology and food students at Passmores experience all areas of the Design Technology curriculum on a rotational basis. This will include 3D design, Food, Product Design, Graphics and Computer- aided Design and Textiles. We aim to teach a relevant and modern curriculum which embraces traditional skills and explores new and innovative materials and ingredients. We want our students to be able to design and develop creative outcomes following the design process that are useful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Students will consider the whole life cycle of what they design, from the time they design it, the materials they choose, their sources, origins and provenance. They need to be able to consider and apply the technologies, both old and new, they are going to use with independence.


By the end of KS3 a Design Technology and food student will have developed their creativity, imagination and independence skills. They will be able to problem-solve and will understand the impact of design on our daily lives. They will be reflective of past and present design and technology and will be able to find solutions to problems and design and make products using a range of different media and ingredients. They will consider both function and aesthetics to create outcomes that look good, taste great and work well. Students will also have a better environmental awareness and understand how products can be made more sustainable and reflect the changing world. They will understand the implications of their Carbon Footprint created from importing foods and materials.


At the end of KS3 students can choose to further study a technology subject at GCSE level. We offer a variety of courses:

GCSE Art & Design: Textile design

GCSE Art & Design: Three-dimensional design

Level 1/Level 2 award in Catering and Hospitality