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Three-Dimensional Design

GCSE Art and Design - Three-Dimensional Design


What is Three-Dimensional Design?

The designing, prototyping and modelling or making primarily functional and aesthetic products, objects, and environments. Drawing upon intellectual, creative and practical skills.

What is the aim of the course?

To gain an understanding of the design brief and processes required to successfully execute it to conclusion. Learn to render ideas and concepts in sketch form to make them accessible to third parties and for the purpose of producing a prototype model and 3D objects. Demonstrate problem solving thinking through sustained investigation and experimentation.


Course overview


Key skills and Foundation Setting

The foundation setting projects will introduce, refresh and recall key skills and techniques through practical lessons & workshops.

    • How to appropriately use tools and machines
    • Build knowledge of materials
    • Drawing skills
    • Writing skills
    • Making skills
    • Observation and analysis skills
    • Mock exam to understand the exam process.
    • Responding to briefs and real-life scenarios.

Component 1: 60%

Sustained project - Furniture

This project strives to achieve a developed understanding of the chosen furniture style, look and production.

We will aim to create a natural flow between the design and development of furniture and the overall production when creating practical and functional final pieces.

Making best use of the mediums studied within the skill building projects. Allowing variation of materials and practical techniques.

Component 2: 40%

Externally set assignment

A01: Research Artists/designers relevant to the exam theme. Incorporating History and Context, Critical Study analysis.

A02: Further development of media and techniques.

A03: Record Ideas mind-map mood-board own photography, drawing from observation and responding to an artists/designer's work.

A04: Develop ideas connected to the theme. A range of final designs, models and media trails with a final outcome.


Course break-down

Year 10

  • Term 1 – Foundation setting
  • Term 2 – Foundation setting
  • Term 3 – Mock exam – Nature
  • Term 4 – Mock exam – Nature
  • Term 5 – Sustained Project – Furniture
  • Term 6 – Sustained Project – Furniture

Year 11

  • Term 1 – response project – Prop Design
  • Term 2 – response project – Prop Design
  • Term 3 – Externally set exam
  • Term 4 – Externally set exam