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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best

Uniform and Standards

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at Passmores and strictly enforced. It is 
considered that the school uniform promotes a positive attitude, a sense of 
belonging to the school, and a suitable image in the eyes of the wider community. 

The uniform consists of:

• Navy blazer with a school badge
• Plain dark grey trousers or pleated skirt
• Plain white shirt with buttons to the collar
• Grey, navy or black socks or tights

Footwear must be all black and made of leather or leather look.

An optional navy v-neck jumper can be worn under the blazer: this should not replace the blazer. Please note, sweatshirts with rounded collars are not permitted.

The following are not permitted - 

  • Crocs
  • Converse/Vans
  • Coloured / white trainers (except for PE lessons)
  • Boots higher than the ankle

• School tie should be worn with cog showing at all times
• Lanyards should be work with the card correctly showing at all times
• Only Passmores hoodies are allowed in school that can be worn with PE kit.
No other hoodies are permitted.
• The school badge and tie can be purchased directly from the school
• It is preferable that no jewellery is worn for safety and security reasons. 
However, a watch, one ring, one charity band and a sleeper/stud if the ear is 
pierced would be the maximum allowed
• No facial piercing is allowed at Passmores
• Hair must be of a natural block colour. Tramlines, shaved designs and dipdying are not allowed. Grade 1 is the shortest length of hair allowed.
• Students are not permitted to wear coloured nail varnish, however a short French manicure is allowed. Nails should not be above the tops of the fingers to ensure health and safety rules and advice is adhered to. This is particularly important in practical subjects.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be allowed in circulation with incorrect hair or uniform

We can sometimes provide items of pre-loved school wear and are grateful for any donations of clean uniform that your children may have grown out of.

PE uniform consists of:

  • White polo shirt with logo and blue trim
  • Plain royal blue games shorts (short, not to the knee length)
  • Training shoes (with non-marking soles)
  • White PE socks
  • Royal blue football socks
  • Royal blue rugby shirt
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (optional)

Suppliers: Create Identitee

Unit 17 & 18,
St James Centre,
East Road,
CM20 2SX

TEL: 01279 456016
FAX: 01279 456017


Hair must be of a natural colour. Any form of tramline, shaved parting or design and dip-dying are not allowed. Grade 2 is the shortest length of hair allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not allowed in circulation with incorrect hair or uniform.

Clothing in the Technology and Expressive Arts faculties.

Students will be provided with aprons where this necessary for both Technology and Art.

Students are not allowed to wear trainers in the Resistant Materials and Electronics classrooms. If students are wearing trainers on any occasion when they are timetabled to have Resistant Materials or Electronics they will not be allowed to take part in the lesson.

A guide to help show what makes for acceptable and not acceptable uniform is attached below.

If you have any questions about uniform at any time please direct them, in the first instance, to your child's tutor.


In addition to the local supplier Create Identitee, appropriate skirts can also be purchased online from

Banned Items

In addition to those items banned in every school, we should alert you to the fact that a) we do not permit students to bring products with nuts involved in their manufacture at all, and, b) we do not permit aerosol sprays into the school building.  These are rules upheld for the health and safety of particular staff and students and are non-negotiable.

Relationships and Behaviour

We pride ourselves on our high standards of discipline and mutual respect that have been the bedrock on which we have built our academy's successes to date.  At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to cooperative principles and inclusive practice. 

Our school has a Relationship Charter rather than a Behaviour Policy, which has been created by the students, parents/carers and staff, as well as canvassing the views of the local community.  The charter is reviewed regularly.

Our charter seeks to affirm rather than condemn, to reward as well as challenge.  It applies equally to all members of our school community and enshrines the behaviours we expect adults to model, as well as students.

The charter enshrines the behaviours expected of students on their way to or from school and when in uniform as well. Students and adults associated with the school have a duty to protect its good name in the community and digital world, and to act in accordance with the principles set out in the charter.

Should a student transgress the charter they may find themselves open to one or more sanctions, depending on the severity or nature of the offence and circumstances.  These sanctions may be drawn (not exclusively) from this list:

  • student spoken to;
  • participation in a restorative justice experience;
  • removal of part of break or lunchtime;
  • afterschool detention;
  • placed in a cool down room;
  • edzone (an offset school day housed away from peers);
  • internal exclusion in the TATE Centre at Potter Street;
  • permanent exclusion from school.

Our school strongly feels that permanent exclusion is a drastic and unwanted penalty for behaviour and it will only be considered in cases where there is a compelling reason to use it and where all other alternatives have been exhausted.

While in the school we similarly expect visitors to uphold our standards of behaviour and treat others with respect.