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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best

Who’s Who?

Senior Leadership Team

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Natalie Christie Principal
Vic Goddard CEO - PCLC (Chief Executive Officer)
David Chadwick Vice Principal (Maths)
Scott Alderson Assistant Principal: Chief Finance Officer
Jo Connolly Assistant Principal (Psychology); Deputy Designated Dafeguarding Lead
Rebecca Conway Assistant Principal (PE)
Russell King Assistant Principal (English)
Tina Sparrow Assistant Principal: Head of Administration
Lucia Goddard Assistant Principal; Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL); Senior Mental health Lead (SMHL)
Mark Fish Assistant Principal

Associate Senior Leadership Team

David Butler Head of Music (ASLT - Assistant Senior Leadership Team) 
Abi Cunningham Director of Learning (History) (ASLT)
Lee Pickering Head of History (ASLT)
Gareth Walsh ITT Coordinator/Maths Teacher (ASLT)
Kathleen Blake Head of Maths (ASLT)
Naomi Van Der Lith Head of English (ASLT) 
Ashley Wilhite Head of Science


Pastoral Team

Dragon House  
Sophie Banks (PE) Head of House
Lee Clark Deputy Head of House
Griffin House  
Jack Elston (PE) Head of House
Emma Danaher (History) Deputy Head of House
Lion House  
Daniel Shine (Science; STEM Coordinator) Head of House
Jack Webber (PE) Deputy Head of House
Unicorn House  
Carolyn Richards (Head of Graphics and Photography) Head of House
Jamie King (PE) Deputy Head of House
STEP Team  
Katie Watts STEP Team Support Worker
Lee Clark STEP Team Support Worker
Marius Hodorog STEP Team Support Worker 

Heads of Department

Claire Friedner Head of Art
Tammy Bassett Head of Careers/Leader of iFuture
Tessa Scott Head of Child Development
Claire Le Dain Head of Citizenship
Matthew Moloney Head of Computer Science
Achia Begum Head of Creative Media/BTEC Quality Nominee
Karen Warncken Head of Drama
Naomi Van Der Lith Head of English
Emma Jameson Head of Food Technology/Catering
Valerie Neagus Head of Geography
Lee Pickering Head of History
Kathleen Blake Head of Maths
Yvonne Corkery Head of French
David Butler Head of Music
Andrew Martin Head of PE
Carolyn Richards Head of Photography
Dawn Moore SENCO
Andrew Farmery Head of Spanish
Angela Smith PCLC Strategic Lead for SEN
Georgina Evans Head of Technology

Staff Contacts

ACADEMY - PASSMORES Main school email contact address
Adams, Jen Admin Assistant/Student Services
Ahmad, Roxy Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ahmed, Bushra PCLC Finance Administrator
Alderson, Ashley PCLC I.T Director /Head of Infrastructure 
Andrews, Oliva PCLC HR & Payroll Administrator
Baker, Debbie ASD Hub Admin Support
Baldwin, Hannah PCLC HR Assistant
Barden, Wendy PCLC Finance Manager
Bartram, Deb PCLC Governance Manager
Beatty, Sally Exams Officer/ Student Services Manager
Beatty, Myra Receptionist
Bell, Thomas Geography Teacher
Bennett, Nicola Printing Services Administrator
Berkley, Debra Inclusion Administrator
Betts, Anna Second in Science Department
Bishop, Danielle Co-Educator
Blake, Kathleen Second in Maths (Key Stage 3)
Boamah, Joseph Maths Teacher
Brand, Molly Science Teacher
Brooking, Ellen English Teacher
Brown, Lorna Attendance & Family Liaison
Brown, Stephen PCLC Assistant Network Manager
Burns, Charlotte PCLC - Teacher for Enhanced Provision at Potter Street Academy
Busson, Jo Alternative Provision Leader
Carter, Nicola Admin Assistant/Student Services
Cleary, Carly Assistant SENCO
Collins, Pauline Lead Autism Support Worker
Cooper, Emma Co-Educator
Coyle, Kelly Co-Educator
Currie, Sam SEND Lead / Access Centre Manager
Curtis, Jeanette Science Technician (Senior)
Donoghue, Grace Cover Supervisor
Elliott, Helen PCLC Finance Assistant
Elven, Emma SEND Leader
Farmery, Andrew MFL Teacher
Fitzpatrick, Lynne Cover Supervisor
Foong, Poh-Kong Co-Educator
Fry, Caron French Teacher
Gardner, Stuart Science Teacher
Gladwin, Neil Key Stage Three Curriculum Leader
Glover, Jade Drama Teacher
Guyton, Lynn Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead; Coordinator for PLAC and LAC: (Previously) Looked After Children
Hampson, Ashleigh Cover Supervisor
Hastler, Toni Science Teacher
Henderson, Stephanie English Teacher
Histon, Georgina Design & Technology Teacher
Hodges, Stephanie Trips, Visits & School Support Administrator
Hope, Daniel Data Manager
Howard, Jane Teacher
Hutchinson, Abbie Art Teacher
Jones, Claire First Aider/Admin Assistant
Julian, Alison HUB - Co-Educator
Kay, Julie Careers Adviser
Kemsley, Kelly Student Services Administrator
Kerrigan, Dorinda ASD Hub Manager
King, Laura English Teacher/ 1:1 Tuition
King, Jamie PE Teacher
Lamb, Nicola Technology Teacher
Lawrence, Claire Inclusion Administrator
Lennard, Michael PCLC IT Technician
Lovell, Andy English Teacher
Marsal, Anna Literacy Tutor
Marten, Chris Site Manager
Matthews, Thomas Computer Science Teacher
May, Rebecca Science Technician
McCall, Richard Site Manager
Midwinter, Georgia English Teacher
Midwinter, Michaela English Teacher
Mignot, Angela Technology Teacher
Monk, Debbie Co-Educator
Montgomery, Jackie Catering Manager
Moore, Dawn Teacher/Pedagogy Leader
Morton, Daniel PCLC Payroll Officer
Moseley, Charlotte Science Teacher
Murray, Elaine Co-Educator
Musa, Tunai PCLC HR Manager
Newnham, Ria SEND Lead
Nixon, Emma Technology Technician
O'Hara, Alan Technology Technician
Oboh, Robert Maths Teacher
Osborn, Rosie PE Teacher
Padbury, Suzanne Co-Educator
Paddon, Ben Maths Teacher
Panagi, Samantha Co-Educator
Parker, Benjamin Maths Teacher
Pavlou, Jessica Maths Teacher
Peters, Beverley English Teacher
Pettifer, Georgina Co-Educator
Pinnock, Corinne Evening Caretaker
Poulter, Janet Co-Educator
Power, Emily English Teacher
Ross, Sarah Maths Teacher
Sealey, Joanne Co-Educator
Seon, Jennifer Science Teacher
Sexton, Amy Student Services Administrator
Shearman, Janis PCLC Finance Assistant
Shiels, Jemma Data Administrator
Silva, Aislinn PE Teacher/ Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Simpson, Richard PCLC Network Manager
Simpson, Sara Lettings and Fundraising Administrator
Steadman, John Computer Science Teacher
Stewart, Donna Textiles Teacher
Stredder, Grant Geography Teacher
Tarling, Paul Dance, Drama and Music Teacher
Taverner, Molly PCLC Finance Administrator
Thomson, John Evening Caretaker
Turner, Angela STEP Team Administrator
Turner, Michelle Maths Teacher
Tyler, Shirley PCLC HR Officer
Walker, Toni Lead Cover Supervisor
Ward, Corrin SEND Lead
Webber, Jack Science & PE Teacher
Westbrook, Sheila PA to Natalie Christie, Principal & PA to Vic Goddard, CEO - PCLC
White, Julie Student Services Assistant
Wilhite, Ashley Science Teacher
Wilkins, Nicola Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Wright, Sarah Science Teacher
Youssef, Sharif Science Teacher
Zaman-Zadeh, Katrin Spanish Teacher