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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best

Working from Home

From 12th March 2021 we will no longer be providing live online lessons, as students will have returned to school and will be taught in class.  However, we know that some students may still need to self-isolate.  If you are in this position, please USE THIS LINK to access work for each subject that you study.  Simply select your year group and subject to see lessons that you should work through in order.


Your teacher will want to see work that you produce, so please email completed work and any queries to them.

Whatever your situation, we really hope to see you back in school as soon as possible.  Best wishes and keep in touch.

If you manage to get through all of this then you can use the packs issued from previous lock-downs.  Simply select your year and complete as many tasks as you can.  

If you find it difficult to complete all of the work set for a lesson, then complete work for an hour and let your teacher know that you are not managing to complete it - they will help you.